Leaf Collage

This fall has been one of the rainiest on record, which in Vancouver means it hasn’t stopped raining at all. When the sun finally did break through, it turned each tree into a ragged kaleidoscope of crimson, sienna, and gold, and I remembered why I love fall.

But admiring scenery, no matter how lovely, is not high on my toddlers list of things to do. Luckily for me, that list does include putting things in bags, sorting and resorting things, and sticking things on paper, for all of which leaves are perfect.

So we put on our boots. As we walked through the neighbourhood E filled her bag with leaves, removed leaves, chose new leaves, destroyed leaves, stepped on leaves, and filled her bag again.

At home, after sorting our leaves and emptying and refilling the bag about a dozen times, we made a simple paste of equal parts flour and water. I spread out a large sheet of paper and we stuck our leaves down, sometimes dipping our fingers in the glue, sometimes dipping the whole leaf.

Soon the wind will rise, the leaves will blow away, and the sun will be gone again, but these memories won’t!


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