DIY Ice Cream Cones


Once upon a time I planned on making a complete set of felt foods for E. I ordered the felt, borrowed a needle and got to work. Each pear, banana, spinach leaf, and potato took forever. The thread tangled, the stitches went wonky, the felt pulled and puckered, and suddenly I had spent thirty minutes fashioning a felt strawberry that would be lost down the side of the couch in seconds. I put the box of felt away and gave up.

And then the ice cream obsession began. I think it started a few months ago. E outgrew her boots and desperately needed a new pair, so I braved the mall with a toddler, alone. On her fifth attempt to escape, the one when I had to abandon my purse and her shoes on the floor of the store in order to catch her before she reached the escalator, I broke down and promised her ice cream IF she was a ‘helper’.

It worked. She put on her new boots and held my hand as we finished our errands. And then it was time for ice cream, vanilla topped with melted white chocolate and toasted nuts. E watched the ice cream sellers every move intently. That night, at home, after I had washed the sweet, sticky traces from her face, hair and hands, she faithfully recreated every scoop and pour, including handing over spoons and napkins.

It has been months, and we are still giving each other imaginary scoops of ice cream in every colour and flavour imaginable.

Her passion sent me back to my felt food Pinterest board in search of ice cream patterns, but the thought of spending time on sewing, when something much easier would be equally loved made me think twice. Time is a precious resource, I’d rather spend it playing with toys, not making them.

Two items destined for the recycling bin caught my eye (empty toilet paper rolls and tissue paper). They make lovely toddler sized ice cream cones! I made these in under two minutes and they were a hit.

Not only did E love her ice cream cones, they cost nothing, and took almost no time to make. Unlike felt food, they are not designed to last, so they won’t add to the toy hoard, once they are done, toss them out!


1. Cut paper rolls lengthwise and roll into a cone, secure with tape
2. Bunch tissue into a ball and tuck into cone, secure with tape or glue


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