Forest Playscape

Toys and play should be a no-brainer for parents, but as studies show, what and how kids play can have an impact on their lives far beyond the play room.

Avoiding overtly gendered toys isn’t always easy, or even possible. And sparkly fairy princess dolls are a siren call no toddler can resist. When E saw her first fairy garden she was obsessed. So I decided to make her one, with a twist. Instead of a hyper-feminine fairy land, we would populate our garden with animal figurines, the kind of animals she might be likely to see in the wild one day.

Because I was able to up-cycle items and plants I already had on hand the whole project took less than an hour.

E spends a lot of time here, placing the animals in the trees, washing them in the ‘lake’, helping them to find food!



Plastic Container
4×4 Cedar post (4 foot long lengths)
Screws and washers
Soil and sand
Assorted Plants (myrtle trees, succulents, creeping thyme, moss, horse tail)
Animal Figurines


  1. Drill drainage holes in container
  2. Screw posts to bottom of container
  3. Line container with landscape fabric
  4. Fill container with soil
  5. Arrange plants, rocks, bowl for water
  6. Spread a layer of sand over the soil (optional)
Step 4 of Forest Garden
Forest Playscape

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